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Has anyone made good strategies for data analysis? My .csv output seems frustratingly scattered. For example, one of the first questions "Is this your first time visiting?" shows up in 5 separate columns in the .csv file, all with different outputs in their respective columns. Any support on making sense of the output data would be appreciated.

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If you're getting multiple columns for the same question, is that not only will multiple instances of a question (for example, separated by an *if generate unique columns), but so will an question which contains an {insertedVariable}, like, Is this your first time here, {name}? To avoid this, use *throwaway on any question you use an {insertedVariable} in, and save the output using *save.

Also, keep in mind that any variable you'd ever created will be kept in the CSV. So if you've deleted and added a question 5 times, each instance will be individual. So if you've reorganized the program a bunch and want a cleaner datasheet, pasting it into a new program may help.

If you change a question at all GuidedTrack will start putting the responses in a new column (since it's not considered the same question anymore). Using *save: someVariableName indented beneath the question means you can control where it goes in the CSV, causing it to go into the column "someVariableName" even if the question itself changes. So that's a very handy thing to do.

Once you have the data split into multiple columns, it can be handy to create a new column and use excel formulas to merge the data from all the different similar columns. For instance, the formula: =B2 & C2 & F2 will merge the data from columns B, C and F and then you can drag this formula down the whole column (I'm assuming here that only one of those three columns ever has a value). Here's an example image attached, where the formula used in the last column is =K2&L2&M2



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