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I know you can ask users to select a choice, but having "correct" answers outside of providing points doesn't seem available. I would like to make a list of items and a list of possible answers (some that are correct, some that are not), and allow users to pair up the correct connections.

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An option to get comparable functionality would be to use a series of matching questions like in this example: https://www.guidedtrack.com/programs/13738/edit

>> prompts = ["pig", "lion", "zebra", "horse", "hedgehog"]
>> options = ["Carnivore", "Herbivore", "Omnivore"]

>> correct_answers = {"pig" -> "Omnivore", "lion" -> "Carnivore", "zebra" -> "Herbivore", "horse" -> "Herbivore", "hedgehog" -> "Omnivore"}

*maintain: Match animal with its diet

>> i = 1
*while: i <= prompts.size
	*question: {prompts[i]}
		*answers: options
		*save: answer
	*if: correct_answers[prompts[i]] = answer
		>> points = points + 5
	>> i = i + 1
You have {points}!

The questions are single-choice for simplicity but they could be *checkbox questions too. You will need to provide a way to score the options explicitly.


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