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I've heard there is no back button when actually there is one present in my app.

Any way to make this show up more? Or change the symbol to 'BACK'?

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It would be very difficult to make that change the default look for GuidedTrack programs for several reasons:

  • the navigation bar, where the back button is located, can potentially contain a lot of elements and is therefore very short on space; we simply can't easily cram in a whole word
  • choosing the work "Back" would present a problem for people building tools in languages other than English – we would have to give them a way to configure a different word, which would also run into the first problem since we wouldn't know how long that word is

You can configure your own app to implement this change, though, if you're embedding your app on your own site, rather than having people use it directly from guidedtrack.com. You just need to include the following CSS rule somewhere on the page or in a separate CSS file:

#back-button span:after {
  content: "BACK";
  font-family: Roboto, sans-serif;

Hope that helps.

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