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I'm using *wait to invite users to pause before next question.
Is it possible to display a countdown?

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Hi! Yes, it is possible to do this after a question using *countdown.
More information on this is available here.

It's not currently possible to display a countdown outside of a question. That's a good idea and I'll make a note of it!

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I had to so something similar to what you're asking so this may help you.

I needed to display a text for a number of seconds showing the countdown bar and, at the end of the countdown move on to the next page. Since *countdown only works under a question, I used custom CSS to hide the question (so that only the countdown bar is displayed). Countdown automatically moves forward after the specified amount of time, so you can skip using *wait:

		.hidden {visibility: hidden !important;}
This will be displayed only for 5 seconds!
*question: a
	*countdown: 5.seconds
	*classes: hidden
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