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I’d like to create a tab on navigation where the user can go and see answers to saved questions.

For instance: The program prompts user to follow a series of questions to build a sports team.
The user answers question with a person’s name who will fill a role on the team.

Once done, the user can click a navigation item (Dashboard) where they can see all the team members names. The names of each team member are “clickable” and the user can add more information about them: weight, height, etc.

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Good question! This is definitely possible. I've put together a quick demo for you to inspect. I chose basketball because it's my favorite sport and because you only need 5 players, so it was less work to put together.

The main program is here and the code is publicly available:

It asks you to enter a player for each position, then displays the five players you've entered. Clicking on a player allows you to edit their details.

The code is pretty straight-forward. The only tricky part is the use of *component inside a *for loop, which also makes it necessary to use *with in order to handle clicking each component properly. You can read more about this in the documentation.

If you want to try the dashboard out, the link it here: https://www.guidedtrack.com/programs/49riqjl/run.

I expect you'll have follow-up questions, so please ask away.

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Hi! Following up on this. Thanks!

Wondering if this is possible.

I edited my reply with more details about how to do this. Sorry about the delay, I was originally planning to put together a video of building this, but I could never find the time.

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