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Hi all!

I was wondering if it is possible to easily set a persistent footer. I.e. a small text below each page that is kept throughout the program.

My use case is that I'd like to add some information such as "Developed by ABC" at the bottom of every page. The idea is for the text to be inobtrusive (e.g. smaller font) and ideally below the buttons. It would be perfect if it accepted images, but text would be already fantastic!

I know there is *maintain, but I found it to be too invasive as it goes above the text so the user has to read it each and every time.

I though of doing manually, but my program has several pages and I'd have to radically change the structure of the code, adding a *page for each page with question. Moreover, apparently I cannot add anything below a *button.

Maybe I'm missing something. I'd be extremely grateful for any ideas or suggestions.


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You can use a component with classes to do that:

	<style>.myProgramFooter {position:fixed; bottom:-30px; right:0; border:0px !important;}</style>

	*classes: myProgramFooter
	*image: https://i.imgur.com/hrOOAsA.jpg

You can play around with the css to adjust it to your needs. Use position:fixed so that it is always displayed at the bottom of the screen and position:absolute so that it is below the content of the program. You will need to add the code in every page, but you can create a subprogram with the code above and that way you only need to write on each page:

*program: my footer program

(or whatever you name the program)

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