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Is there any possibility to switch from the vertical layout of multiple choice questions to a horizontal one?

In psychological questionnaires (but probably also those of other disciplines), it is standard to use one 5- or 7-point Likert scale (e.g., from "Strongly Agree" to "Strongly Disagree") for all questions in the questionnaire. Using a horizontal layout (plus potentially only stating the scale points once per page) would allow for a nice compact layout.
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It is possible to implement Likert scale questions in GuidedTrack with some time and effort, but we strongly advise otherwise.

Luke Freeman ran a small study to compare grid questions and GuidedTrack's auto-advancing single-select questions:

Turns out the auto-advancing ones are faster, less straight-lining, and have higher internal consistency on scales with negatively coded answers.

We have also received another researcher feedback on it:

I was concerned about the lack of grids too but used this approach [auto-advancing single-select questions] in my most recent survey and it seemed to work pretty well.

In addition, grid questions do not work very well on mobile screens.

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