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I'm wondering if it's possible, within a GT survey, to record a participant's audio. I'd like to have some text question, and then give participant's the opportunity to record audio from their microphone as a response.

Presumably this would require embedding some custom javascript, but I'm not quite sure about how I would do this.


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It is possible, but hard. What you would need:

  • Know the JavaScript for recording audio.
  • Embed the GuidedTrack program on a website you control, so that you can make the audio recording JavaScript available to the GuidedTrack program.
  • Use *trigger and *events and *goto and *wait in a hacky way to cause the JavaScript to record the audio and the GuidedTrack program to wait for the recording to be done.
  • Upload the recording to a storage service, such as Dropbox, by using the HTTP API of that service. (Since you can't store the audio on GuidedTrack.)

We're going to add features to make this simpler in the future. But for now you have to go the hard way.

If you contact us (see my private message), we can help you with the details. It would be too much to write the complete how-to here.

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