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I am using GT as a HTML embed on another website. When I start GT, I send data from the website that GT is embedded in to GT via a Javascript event. Among the data is also the location where the user last left off in GT (I know GT also tracks a returning user's last location, but I am imagining if the user logs in with another browser/device). In the case a location from last time is existing, I am using goto and reset to jump to that location.

That works, however when I try to answer another question the survey doesn't move forward and in the console I get the following error below. I do not have any issues with goto and reset, if the questionaire is not reacting to a JS event from the website it is embedded in.
What am I doing wrong? Thank you!

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'history_entry' of undefined

at t._history_entry_for (interpreter.js:38)
at t.history_entry (interpreter.js:38)
at r.history_entry (interpreter.js:28)
at e._history_entry_for_current_page (interpreter.js:33)
at e._current_page_is_new (interpreter.js:33)
at e._save_answer_in_answer_history (interpreter.js:33)
at e._accept_answer (interpreter.js:33)
at e._submit_answer (interpreter.js:34)
at HTMLLIElement.<anonymous> (interpreter.js:34)
at HTMLLIElement.dispatch (jquery_gt.js:2)

t._history_entry_for @ interpreter.js:38
t.history_entry @ interpreter.js:38
r.history_entry @ interpreter.js:28
e._history_entry_for_current_page @ interpreter.js:33
e._current_page_is_new @ interpreter.js:33
e._save_answer_in_answer_history @ interpreter.js:33
e._accept_answer @ interpreter.js:33
e._submit_answer @ interpreter.js:34
(anonymous) @ interpreter.js:34
dispatch @ jquery_gt.js:2
g.handle @ jquery_gt.js:2

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It's late, but this should be fixed now. Sorry for taking a long time!

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Thank you very much!!!

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