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Can someone help me providing or pointing me to examples of numerical validation?

I just need a simple case like Question / Number format / goto: if age less than 20 or higher than 70 goto end.

*label: age
*question: how old are you?
	*type: number

Thanks in advance,

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*label: age
*question: how old are you?
	*type: number
	*save: age 
*if: age < 20 
	Please try again. 
	*goto: age 
*if: age > 70
	You're way too old to be doing this. 
	*goto: end

You are {age} years old 
*button: cool
*label: end

Unsure if this is what you mean but here's just like a way around it probably. :)

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Super. Thank you saeed.

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