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Is there a way to easily get a pdf/print of the survey, like in Qualtrics?


It would be helpful so that the survey questions can be easily shared. Thanks.

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Hi Ali! Based on the link you shared, it sounds like you want to create a pdf of a survey, without any pre-filled answers (e.g., so that it could be printed and filled out as a paper-based survey) - is that right? If so, then I think there might be ways to do this with the *service keyword plus paid APIs, but I'll wait to see if anyone else reading this has ideas on that front.

On the other hand, if (instead of printing a blank survey) you wanted to summarize someone's answers (e.g., to share with someone who's already completed their survey), I could share some ideas for how you could go about that?

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Hi anon,

I'd be interested in knowing your ideas on how to share a PDF of the answers.

In fact, I'm looking to share a PDF that depends on the answers.
For example, if a person answered A, send (or produce) a pdf explaining why the answer was right. If the answer was X, send a PDF explaining why the answer was wrong.

But any input you have on this would be greatly helpful!

Thank you for your reply!

I think there are ways to send answers and explanations via emails to participants, including personalized messages that depend on what a given participant chose. But usually these are text-based emails, and it sounds like that's not what you're looking for? (An alternative might be to send participants a link to somewhere where you've pre-saved a PDF of the answers, but the problem with that would be that then the PDF wouldn't be personalized.)

If text-based email feedback isn't a good option, I'll try to think of other ways to address this. But if text-based email feedback is an option, I could share some ideas for that?

Hi anon, thanks for your reply.
Yes, I'm currently using email. But the messages are long so I'm sending a link to a personalized Guided Track program.
However, a few users asked to be able to print their answer as a reference thus, I would highly appreciate your ideas on how I can customize a PDF based on the users answers!
I created a new question to make it easier to find for other members. We can expand the conversation there.
Thanks in advance!

Thank you for your reply and for those details! I'm glad that you've opened a new question about this, because I don't currently know how to do what you're aiming to do, but I'm very interested to see the ideas that others have!

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