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We are analyzing our first CSV file from our first Guided Track experiment. We are in the process of writing an R script to clean up and then analyze our data and a short question came up. Is there an easy of getting rid of the changes in participants' responses from 3 | 4 | 2 to just 2, which is their final answer?
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I believe there are essentially two ways to avoid getting multiple answers to a question. One would be to disable *back buttons in the program so participants can't give multiple answers.

Unfortunately, at the moment GuidedTtrack does not have a feature to show only the latest answers in the CSV. I believe the easiest solution for you now would be to add some processing to the results CSV to extract the last answer.

Here is how this could be done in R with a regular expression:

x <- "3 | 4 | 2 "
sub(".*\\|([^\\|]*)$", "\\1", x)

Tiny demo: https://ideone.com/TbYOrc 

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