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I am making my survey and I have a question about generating a report for the user.

I want to be able to feedback to the user when they finish the survey, highlighting all the questions where they gave a particular answer for a number of multiple-choice questions. I.e., where a user answers "strongly agree" to any of these questions, I want these questions to be highlighted for them at the end.

I am able to tag questions(as per the 'summarizing entered data' section of your handbook, however, I want to be able to tag specific answers (multiple choice) instead of the questions.

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We don't have a built-in feature for this but I sketched GuidedTrack program that can do this for you.
An example to get questions with "Strongly Agree" answers: https://www.guidedtrack.com/programs/15669/edit
A more generic example that can give a summary for all answer options: https://www.guidedtrack.com/programs/15670/edit

>> questions = ["I love bananas", "I am often late", "I enjoy being outdoors"]
>> answersSummary = {"Strongly disagree" -> [], "Disagree" -> [], "Neither agree nor disagree" -> [], "Agree" -> [], "Strongly agree" -> []}

>> i = 1
*while: i <= questions.size
	*question: {questions[i]}
		*type: slider
		*save: answer
		Strongly disagree
		Neither agree nor disagree
		Strongly agree
	>> answersSummary[answer].add(questions[i])
	>> i = i + 1

>> j = 1
>> answers = answersSummary.keys
*while: j <= answers.size
	*if: answersSummary[answers[j]].size > 0
		You have answered "{answers[j]}" for following questions:
		>> questionsForAnswer = answersSummary[answers[j]]
		>> k = 1
		*while: k <= questionsForAnswer.size
			>> k = k + 1
	>> j = j + 1
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