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Why do I see multiple answers (separated by pipe symbol | ") when downloading data? How to get rid of them?


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Pipes (|) in CSV mean that the user gave multiple answers to your question.

from Generating and Understanding a CSV of Your Data
> If the user answered the same question multiple times (either by pressing a back button or via a *goto keyword), then each of their answers will be separated by a pipe: |

Order is preserved: the first entry is their first answer, the last one is their last answer.

Here is an example program that saves multiple answers.

This is how the corresponding CSV looks like:

It is not possible at the moment to configure GuidedTrack not to save all the answers so there are two ways to avoid multiple answers if you do not need them.

  1. Do not let the user go back to questions by not using *back and *goto if this works for your program design.
  2. Remove them at the data analysis step.

For example, you can search for "|" in a tool like excel and manually fix it (e.g., getting rid of all but the last entry). Or you can add a new column and run the formula below with the appropriate column


This is formula is a regular expression that will match everything that is not a pipe symbol till the end of the line. Use "[^|]*" to capture the first answer.

Here is the spreadsheet.

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