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How does the process of accessing the Guided Track database via the API work? For this question, I am most interested in being able to dynamically change percentages that are included in reports in order to show a comparison of the user's score to the general population, or a comparison via a code (the average of all people who entered the code "Fall2019" so I can see class averages). 

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GuidedTrack does not really have a traditional database that you can access via web API. 

I've created a quick demo for the case you have described here: showAllOr2019 (general population, 2019). This is useful for creating a "frontend" if you want to show users where they stand. If this is for your analysis the most flexible solution would be to download CSV with your program data and then extract and aggregate the data you are interested in using Excel or R or any tool of your choice.

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